Currently Baitali Mining is mining from 2 stone mines at Apoera and Boven Corantijn (Kabalebo). At both locations, the crushed stone is produced as aggregate for asphalt and/or concrete industry. Beside aggregates Baitali Mining also produces different sizes dike stones for water engineering works (dikes, wave breakers, etc).

Our Expertise

All aggregates and dike stones necessary in the chain of production of the Baitali Group are supplied by Baitali Mining. Baitali Mining also supplies to external (local and regional) customers from the port of Apoera and Wakay.

Every product can be custom made at the request of the client in order to comply with their requirements.  Clients can place their order at the Baitali offices in Paramaribo and Nickerie. Depending on the quantity of the product the client can pick up the order in Apoera or Wakay. Small orders can be picked up in Nickerie or Paramaribo. Baitali Mining can also deliver the products at a requested location.


Aggregates and armoured rock products

You can choose from the following:

  1. Basecourse: mix of stone and waste

  2. Crushed stone: 1”, ¾”, ½” en by product waste.
    On request, we can wash the stones before delivery.

  3. Boulders: product between 100- 500 kg (for dikes and on request)


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Safety, Quality and Ethics

The quality of the production process as well as the products from Baitali Mining are inspected by the ISO certified laboratory of Baitali Pavement Testing & Technologies. This enables Baitali Mining to deliver a consistent and excellent quality tailored to the needs and specifications of the client.



In order to continuously improve our quality and performance, Baitali Pavement Testing & Technologies N.V. manages the quality control and assurance on all activities within the Baitali Group.

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