Machinale Landbouwbedrijf Nanni N.V. (MLN) is an ISO certified integrated rice producing company which is involved in the different stages of the rice industry from the sowing stage through the processing and sales of rice. MLN has its office and rice fields in Nickerie, Suriname

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in:

  • Planting and harvesting of rice (including land development);
  • Drying of the rice;
  • Peeling of rice;
  • Sales of rice;

Vadini Rice

Our annual production is approximately 5000 ton cargo. The majority of the rice is exported to Europe. The rest of the rice is sold on the local market as Vadini Rice.

Safety, Quality and Ethics

MLN has its own trial fields that are being used for a wide variety of experiments and tests. Due to this MLN developed her own methods and guidelines that are being used in the process. This is being monitored closely and adjusted, if necessary, to improve efficiency, without compromising the quality.
Since the power of the organization strongly depends on the human resources, MLN goes for a continuous upgrading of the personnel in the different aspects of the industry and also in quality, safety and environment.


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